FULL EXAM  When we first meet we will sit and have a chat about your wishes, as your agreement is fundamental to any treatment. This means I will never recommend a denture when there is a better alternative. What I offer is to examine your teeth and give you straight advice on the best treatment - the same as I would choose for my family, for my best friends, and for myself.

FILLINGS  There are much better alternatives to amalgam which are strong, reliable, and, best of all, will match the colour of your teeth.

KIDS  We understand that your kids are just the same as you - only smaller - and will give them the extra care and sensitivity they deserve.

CLEANING  My team of hygienists and assistants have been with me for a long time and not only enjoy what they do, but are very good at advising on and helping you maintain your oral hygiene. They also explain things so that you know what is happening during the course of your treatment.